Rock For The Rest of Us!

The band received their name and inspiration for the “UP & AWAY” CD from Super Hero KID BLUDO. Some claim that KID is the embodiment of all 80's rock fans yearning for some new music they can relate to, but no one can be sure.

The Story of KID BLUDO

Our Super Hero hails from Parts Unknown. As for his super powers, well they originated quite by accident when he was a young man. You see, one rainy day in 1980, he was wailing on his Les Paul in the family basement when a burst of water shot through a crack in the cement. It rushed quickly over his plugged-in gear and electrocuted the kid in mid-riff. Surging shock waves put the young shredder into a coma. Thankfully, he emerged from the coma a week later, very thirsty, and very puzzled by the fact that he could clearly see a fly land on a bald man's head, at over a mile's distance, and through his foggy hospital room window. The following months proved quite eventful as he discovered incredible new abilities. His vision became that of a Hubble Telescope, he could move with lightening speed, and possessed strength beyond measure. He also acquired a super-sense for danger, one in which he could actually visualize a perilous situation, along with the exact location, as it was occurring. Oh yeah, one more thing…he could FLY!

Sadly, his exciting revelation of great powers was diminished by one horrible reality…the kid could no longer play guitar! He could no longer control his strength and speed on the fret-board. His once promising hard-rock riffs now sounded like a muddled mess. Depression set in. The young man's ambition to make the world a better place through his music was now squashed.

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But wait! He soon realized that he could make the world a better place by using his super powers for the good of mankind. The kid would use his “danger sense” to spot trouble and fly-in to save the day. Instead of performing music, he would now listen to powerful rock music for the inspiration to abolish evil and avert tragedy. The super hero “KID BLUDO” took stage! (To this day, it's a mystery where his name comes from…huh).

The transition to super hero has not been a smooth one for KID. In fact, he often hits a few speed bumps before he remedies a disastrous event…but make no mistake…he sticks with it till the job is done! Like the time he flew into traffic to save a squirrel from being run over. The lucky squirrel came out unscratched, but the cars of a few unfortunate and angry people did not fare so well in the resulting crash. In true BLUDO fashion, he quickly bolted to the city's largest car dealer, then to the local TV station, then back to the crash site. KID arranged for the car dealer to give away brand new cars to the pile-up victims, in turn, the auto dealer received major praise and invaluable advertising for his generosity, and the TV station had the exclusive leading story for it's news broadcast. Everyone ended up unharmed and happy as KID BLUDO took off shouting “Rock On and Away!”

How does this story relate to the band? …. Read On….

KID absolutely fell in love with 80's rock, and as time passed, was saddened to see its departure from the mainstream. He sorely missed the melodic feeling and adrenaline pumping effect it had on his crime fighting abilities. He now discovered it much tougher to squash villains and avert tragedy while being fed a steady musical diet of rap, grunge, and the new alternative. One fateful night, Bludo's “danger alert” went off. When he responded to the scene, he found a hard rock band in imminent peril surrounded by a gang of angry drunks in a country bar; courtesy of a bad booking agent. After saving the group from a certain pummeling, KID and the band became fast friends and discussed the current state of music well into the night. KID knew there were countless others who felt exactly as he did about the dullness of today's tunes. He wished that there was something new, something that was like 80's rock, but with a modern sound. The band felt Bludo's pain and promised that they would do their best to save him this time. They were determined to create an album that would truly represent “Rock for the Rest of Us”: The band “KID BLUDO” was born.

KID BLUDO, (band and super hero) hope that you enjoy the music and can relate to the message. “The more you try, the more you will fall…keep getting up, and you will save the day”. For the Super Hero in us all!!!


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