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Kid Bludo
hails from parts unknown. He is best known for his super hero crime fighting abilities, but is also the inspiration and driving force behind the “band” KID BLUDO”. In his spare time, KID enjoys saving damsels in distress, gardening, cooking, and listening to rock music. Musically, his goal is to direct the band in a way that is opposite to current mainstream mentality. To boldly go where metal gods have gone before. To create new music for original fans of 80's rock, as well as new fans who are hungry for a fresh sound. KB is credited with coining the phrase “Rock for the Rest of Us”.

“Crime fighting and tragedy aversion is a tough and demanding job. I find that listening to the UP & AWAY album gives me the spirit and adrenaline pump I need to save the day, and still have the energy needed to weed my garden”.

Chuck “Sirr Charles” Woodard
is co-lead vocalist for KID BLUDO. Chuck possesses a wide vocal range with a soulful and powerful delivery. Sirr Charles' influences include a wide range of 80's rock artists and progressive melodic groups. He loves playing both electric and acoustic guitar and arranging music in his home studio. The band was thrilled when Sirr joined the group as a lead vocalist. His vocal presence is powerful, but what's more important, is that Sirr Charles sings with feeling and soul!

I felt like it was almost meant to be, when I joined KID BLUDO. My long search for like-minded band mates was over and I entered my musical home. To create and perform new music evolved from my musical roots has been a great experience. The songs fit me perfectly and my hope is that the sincerity and depth of our music will felt by those who listen.


Jennifer “Rox” Herbs
takes the mic and delivers feminine yet powerful lead and back vocals to accompany her male counterpart – vocalist Chuck  Woodard.  Whether the situation requires soft vulnerability or attitude and edge, she acclimates to the occasion.  Jennifer's pristine and sometimes even haunting sound fills the vocal duos harmonies with both tenderness and deep dimension simultaneously.  Her influences come from many genres of music and therefore include classic rock groups such as Heart and The Beatles, the metal of Metallica, to groups of today such as Evanescence.  Most profoundly, she was strongly infused with her love of music from a very early age by her father – a bass player himself – whose own rock band welcomed her to sit in, listen, learn and – later – perform with them live.  It was during that time the stage was set for her to embrace her roots and develop into the vocalist she is today.

“I am so blessed and honored to be involved with Kid Bludo.  Singing for Jim (the groups' writer) is like coming to a place where it feels like home.  We all come from different musical backgrounds but, when brought together in KB, fit like family.  The greatest and most surprising part (for me) has been just how well my and Chuck's vocals fit together.  Chuck and I have been friends for nearly 2 decades.  So, finally coming together and blending our vocals is just amazing and so much fun for us!  “Up & Away” is such a dynamic collection of tracks and I love how it all came together.”


Jim O'Brien
handles the group's guitar and keyboard duties. He plays the guitar with noticeable feeling, ranging from slow and soulful to powerful, blazing speed. Jim has a knack for writing memorable and meaningful riffs, weaving melody with lyric. His influences are bands like Rush, Dokken, Journey, Dream Theatre, Boston, and Queensryche.

“My main goal for the UP & AWAY album was to write songs that I would love to listen to myself, and not what I thought the major labels and radio stations were looking for. To produce a CD where Song 10 was just as valid as Song 1. I believe we ended up with 10 powerful tracks rooted in the 80's rock genre, with a nice feel and updated sound. The project was brought to a new level and uplifted with the depth and enthusiasm added by my great band-mates, and I am very proud of our accomplishment.”

Donny Howland
plays drums for the band and sets the dynamic mood for this album. He does a masterful job with the demanding time changes and creates the fluidity that makes this album tick.

"I enjoy music that is fun, soulful, dynamic and engaging. Hopefully, our music will be that for you, but after all, the beat is in the ear of the beholder."


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